How to Find Out Who Owns a Business in Massachusetts

Learn how to find out who owns a business in Massachusetts using Secretary of State Corporation Records. Search by return number or person's name.

Are you trying to find out who owns a business in Massachusetts? The Secretary of State Corporation Records of Massachusetts is the best place to start. This database is free to use and makes it easy to search for existing companies and verify an available business name. It also helps build business credibility when business loans are needed to grow the business in the future. To search by return number, enter the identification number and select “Search”.

Go to the SOS website LLC company search page and choose the option to search by a person's name. Enter the full name of a person associated with the LLC you are interested in. If you have entered a valid number for an existing entity, the results will take you directly to the company information page. Sole proprietorships typically operate on behalf of an individual, so there is no need to perform a business name search in most situations. As your Massachusetts business grows, competitors tend to appear to try to compete against you in the marketplace.

Writing a business plan can help organize the ideas of business owners and create a path that businesses can follow. The IRS can review your business file to see if your company is a C corporation or an S corporation depending on the choices you made and the type of tax return you file. A trademark sends a message to competitors who may be researching your niche that you refer to business. Similar to selecting a good business name, companies with a large logo impress customers, helping to distinguish themselves from the competition, and create a positive visual memory of their unique business services for customers. Massachusetts nonprofits must file annual reports every 10 years that indicate they are still in business. Businesses must have a business mailing address to open a business bank account and cannot use a P.

O. Box as their primary mailing address. If you ever hope to sell your business in the future, having a strong business brand can increase your valuation. The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts maintains records of Massachusetts businesses that exist or have been dissolved. LLCs are independent legal entities that separate business interests, debts, and liabilities of owners from personal liabilities.

Enter the company name and select “search”, and the database will generate the names related to the name entered.