How Much Does a Business License Cost in Boston?

Learn how much it costs to obtain a business license in Boston, MA. Find out what type of licenses are required for different types of businesses and how to apply for them.

How Much Does a Business License Cost in Boston?

Starting a business in Boston, Massachusetts requires a business license. The cost of the license varies depending on the type of business and the location. It is important to research the requirements for your particular business and to obtain the necessary licenses and permits.The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (MA SOC) requires a basic business license for all businesses operating within Massachusetts. This license can be obtained online and typically takes 14 days to process from the date of application.

Additionally, businesses may need to obtain additional licenses and permits depending on their activities. It is important to conduct a business search in Massachusetts and learn about business name rules to ensure you choose a name that meets state requirements. Additionally, businesses that are regulated by the federal government will need to apply for the appropriate license or business permit. The cost of other licenses varies depending on the type of business and its location.

The general licenses needed to operate a business are managed at the town or city level. For more information, contact the office of the city or town where your company is located. Information about a particular city or town office can be found in the Licensing and Regulations section of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) website. The section includes a link to the Massachusetts Municipal Association, whose website in turn has links to city and town websites. The Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards administers several workplace safety and health programs and issues licenses to individuals and businesses that provide temporary employment services or perform lead or asbestos reduction work.

Additionally, businesses that trade without a license could be forced to close until they have updated their documentation. For more information about obtaining a business license in Boston, visit the City of Boston website at Boston Business Financial Assistance. Additionally, MassTaxConnect Business Licenses and Permits, Massachusetts Sales and Use Tax Guide, and Massachusetts City and People Government Directory are all great resources for learning more about obtaining a business license in Boston.